Jumat, 09 April 2010

someday@ BANDUNG

3 days in Bandung, made me think that if i could turn back time.

almost 3 years, i left bandung back to my hometown. And now i miss it very much...
miss many moments...miss my friends...miss some place that i like the most, miss all the things that ever done there!!!

i'd like to have my blueberry cheesecake @ CIZZ
i'd like to have my cup of hot chocolate pralin @ O lala
i'd like to have my dinner @ AYAM HEGARMANAH
i'd like to have my supper @ McD Setiabudi
i'd like to have my pisang keju coklat @ Gembul...hhmmmm yummy!!!
i'd like to waste my free time @ cafes with some friends
i'd like to go shopping in the factory outlets!!
i'd like to go hunting photos with my friends

hhhmmmmm.....pengen ke bandung lagi, tapi liburan bukan untuk urusan yang laen!!!!!! :))

2 komentar:

  1. miss you jean. :D

    jadi sedih gue mau ninggalin bandung untuk kedua kalinya.

  2. wakakakakaka.....gw ajah kangen.... hiks!!!